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Our Mission

With a population of 1.32 billion and only 35 Olympic medals, it is evident that India lags behind in the sporting world. This is not due to the lack of talented individuals in the country but is a result of its failure to nurture them.

From lack of infrastructural development to non-affordability of medical expenses and improper nutrition, our athletes face countless struggles in their journey. All of this originates from a common setback i.e. unavailability of adequate funds for athletes.

Even though the government is constructing numerous schemes for sports persons, only a handful are benefited from those and a major chunk of potential medalists are left behind...

This is where we come in.....

We provide a platform with an iron-willed objective to eradicate the problem of inadequate funding of athletes at all stages of their sporting careers. By calibrating the power and reach of the internet, we seek to leverage the people around us to finance the journey of sports persons towards their goal ranging from the grassroots to pre-professionals and even in their professional careers!




FOUNDER (Head of Operations)

A passionate business student and a national level shooter, Akshat is deeply interested in sports, business and everything in between. Working under a banker and completing numerous online courses in finance and business development has led him to secure the 2nd position in national business case study competition by SRCC (Delhi University).

He was also amongst the finalists of the National Finance Olympiad.

Having worked with sport startups has helped him to gain insights into the sports industry and apply his knowledge of business to solve its underlying problems.

He began his entrepreneurial career with SafeBox - .




A black belt in karate and a passionate student of business management, Aakshi has proven her unique problem solving and marketing skills in various internships including The Commonwealth Games Wales and The Chambers Wales as well. Along with these, being the head of marketing in the Indian Society at her university has helped her gain practical experience which is valuable to spread our message.

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Athletic Outreach Head

Currently a sports management senior at the Cardiff Metropolitan University UK, Eklavya Singh is a true sports enthusiast and a stellar football player as well. His experience and network in the field of football has proved to be beneficial. Moreover, providing the insights of an athlete's mind, he has helped us tremendously in understanding the problem to a deeper level and improving our service.

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